This is from the princess in me.

One night nine years ago, in the mystical Mount Banahaw, my classmate said I was a princess trapped in a dungeon. It wasn’t a random thought from him, but we were asked by our professor during that memorable school trip to the Central Philippine province, to lightly touch each other’s palms to connect and envision a picture in our heads. I didn’t “see” anything when it was my turn, although making up an imaginary thing would be something else. So that was me… a blonde princess in the Mario Brothers video game, waiting for Luigi or Mario to roll past the gates to rescue her.

Years passed and I had forgotten about this “vision” until last year when my churchmate in Taiwan Renee prayed for me. She said she saw me as a princess in the dungeon with Jesus walking me up the steps. How can Renee who has no connection at all with my friends back then, say the same thing? I don’t know but one thing I’m sure, I realized I am really a princess with a real prince holding my hand.

For some time I was also called “prinsesa” by my beloved AE who took care of me for more than 24 years before she passed away. She would tease me as senorita but I told her that’s for the Spanish mestizas and I don’t want to look too sosyal. So I became prinsesa instead. For her, I was the spoiled princess who couldn’t even manage organizing her own room and she’s the maid in waiting, very much willing to pick up after me. I am worth waiting for.

I am a princess, but not in a dungeon no longer. I am a princess in waiting, yet also waited for.

~Prinsesa, 2012


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