Providing Privilege


It was a God-sponsored event. And I didn’t even realize it until I was actually there.

God knew I had wanted to organize field trips for public school students. I even went as far as writing a proposal letter for a crowdfunding group to help me in this endeavor. Though that didn’t push through, God surprised me that He can make things happen.

Yesterday, all nine of us were able to enter Cultural Center of the Philippines and Metropolitan Museum for 155 pesos! We were able to catch some folk dance shows, looked at classic paintings, touched sculpture, played with modern art, and listened to a live spoken word performance with interpretative dancing and accompanying ukelele.

How this happened, I can only say is God’s master orchestration. It was the yearly Pasinaya or the cultural event of the country and it’s an open house of some sort to most forms of art. The night before, I sent a message to the mothers asking if they have other things planned in the afternoon after Sunday School. I then proposed the activity and before I knew it, all six children were present (usually just three). Lunch was sponsored by my dad who had a Jollibee fastfood card which had credit beyond enough to buy us lunch, some water, and an ice cream.

Indeed, when God wants something done, He makes a way for it to happen. And for us, we can only stand in awe and respond in excitement. Praise God! Indeed, God provides us with privilege to enjoy so much more than what we wish for!


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