I’m going to write a book and it will be about the One.

I’m always here and there. I don’t concentrate. I check one website then jump into another. I start a book and by the fifth page, I pull out another one from the shelves. I went to nine churches in three years, moved six times in four years, . I go all around, sometimes or more like oftentimes round and round. I’m the ultimate “bee” as my friend commented, alluring on my pseudo-surname which happens to be what my Chinese name sounds. But I’m tired of flitting. I’m tired of not knowing where my place is. So yesterday, another random thought rushed through my mind: I’m going to write a book! That should keep me seated for hours on a study. And I’m sure I’ll regret I ever started one.

Out of all the topic ideas that raced around, one finished the whole track of my logorrhea. And it’s: ONE.

I’m going to write about One Thing That’s Needed, One Thing I Know, One Thing…more on this!!! At least I’ve found something to do!! Yay!


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